The Ostredok peak is the highest top of Velka Fatry mountains set between Suchy vrch and Krizna. You may reach it from several directions. Among the nicest routes surely belongs the way from Liptovske Revuce to Zelena dolina (dell). Another possibilities is to set off from Dedosova dolina. This trip may takes longer, pobably more than 5 hours. But if you imagine to climb up to a rock peak, don´t be disappointed. The top is owergronwn with grass. On the other hand you can easily and comfortable sit and enjoy the magnificent view of the Nizke Tatry mountains, the Vysoke Tatry mountains, Mala Fatra, Kremnicke hills, and the limestone dell Dedosova.
Between Ostredok and KrížnaBetween Ostredok and Krížna
Between Ostredok and Krížna
Borišov from OstredokBorišov from Ostredok
Sight of Borišov